Republic TV is lying every night – here's the proof

Republic TV

Republic TV

Republic TV, the self appointed high decibel self righteous custodian of patriotism is blatantly lying every single night?

Republic’s prime time “debate”(!) starring Arnab Goswami, prominently features a twitter hashtag along with a live count of the number of tweets. Republic promotes upcoming hashtags from as early as 3 PM onwards. Obviously, their aim is to get as many tweets with the hashtag as possible and make it trend.

The Lies

The number of tweets displayed on screen during the debate is a blatant lie!


Here are some examples that illustrate the fake claims by Republic. In each case a screenshot showing the hashtag, count of tweets & timestamp and an extract of all tweets for the hashtag are presented as proof.

Example 1 – #CongChaiwalaAttack

Republic TV claims that there were 6226 tweets with the hashtag #CongChaiwalaAttack at 9:47 PM

Republic’s Lie : 6228 tweets at 9:47 PM

The Truth : 1476 tweets at 9:47 PM

Example 2 – #RahulCrowning

Republic’s Lie : 1511 tweets at 9:39 PM

The Truth : 566 tweets at 9:39 PM

Example 3 – #RepublicWatchesPadmavati

Republic’s Lie : 1502 tweets at 9:45 PM

The Truth : 502 tweets at 9:45 PM

The count has been bumped up by exactly 1000 in this example.

Example 4 – #SriSriSolution

Republic’s Lie : 1374 tweets at 9:34 PM

The Truth : 250 tweets at 9:34 PM

Example 5 – #CashForJustice

Republic’s Lie : 5198 tweets at 9:32 PM

The Truth : 1212 tweets at 9:32 PM

The Proof

Here is an extract of every single tweet for the above hashtags up to and beyond the time of Republic’s lie. The data is available for anyone to verify or count in this Google Docs spreadsheet.
If Republic is so blatantly lying about this statistic that they prominently display on their primetime shout down, it makes one wonder else they are doing.
In the words of a loud mouthed bully, The Nation Wants To Know : WHY IS REPUBLIC LYING ON LIVE TV EVERY NIGHT?

This adds just one more reason to the 7 reasons why Arnab goswami should be boycotted by every indian.

Here is the twitter thread exposing Republic’s lies

Fake Trend Hunter @TrollABhakt