Mumbai Minus Migrants

The problem in Mumbai is not about immigration. It is about the poor people from other sick states. The poor people who live in dirty filthy slums and destroy the beauty of the Maximum city.

Take Dubai for example. It is so clean, you don’t see any poor anywhere, in fact most people understand there is no poverty in Dubai at all.

Mumbai is the financial capital of the country, or was, till Delhi/NCR took over last year, but still it pays the most tax in the country. Well, let’s forget that the headquarter of most companies which do business all over the country are situated in Mumbai so the taxes by these companies have the Mumbai address.

So, if Mumbai is so rich, and pays so much of tax and the whole damn country is relying on this maximum city, why can’t it be as squeaky clean and disciplined as Dubai?

Dubai has dealt well with the poverty. It calls the poor immigrants from other countries, ensures they don’t get their passports back, dumps this cheap or free labour in concentration camps, sucks out the blood and sweat, and ensures that the world doesn’t see them.

Mumbai needs to emulate. See, Mumbai is surviving on cheap labour imported by the BIMARU (Sick) states like Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. If there was no cheap labour, the profit margins will be affected and profit is everything for the businesses which run out of Mumbai.

Everyone knows when the cheap labour came that, if decent living was given to them then the labour would not be cheap anymore. So, the city has thrown 54% of its population in the slums. In these slums, the men labour out, the women end up in Chandni Bars, the children go to filthy MCD schools. MCD – A state with a budget of Rs 36K Crore! These poor filthy immigrants from other BIMARU states don’t deserve better schools and hospitals so the administrators, which mostly are not immigrants but locals, pocket in all these money and then file a defamation case on whomsoever puts the blame on them.

The poorly educated poor immigrants never really get out of the wheel of poverty and remain undisciplined. As Mumbai is not as disciplined as Dubai, these people keep on ruining the lovely city of Mumbai.

Mumbai would be better than Dubai if all these immigrants from the sick states leave. It doesn’t matter that the 70% of immigrants are not from these sick states but from Maharashtra itself. A state which is reeling since decades in water shortage, where the politicians have been looting in the name of irrigation. If the irrigation scam gets stopped the Maharashtrian farmer can live a comfortable life in his own village, reducing the load on Mumbai, but let’s not look into it right now.

If all immigrants from the sick states leave, Mumbai will be better than Dubai – It would be Detroit! Detroit – A once booming city which has kind of died right now, but at least it has got rid of all the immigrants!


Detroit’s decline captured in google street view

Meanwhile, the capital of the biggest sick state – Lucknow, now has a functioning Metro of 8.5 KM whereas the maximum city has a functioning metro of 11.40 KM. I am amazed at the kind of focus Maharashtra has put in order to improve the public transport.


Let’s keep the immigrants in Mumbai for just a bit more, till the 3600 Crore Statue of the Great Shivaji gets constructed (as his forts rot away) and then Mumbai can have an immigration policy where work visas are given to people from BIMARU states.