Connection between Modi and Adani's coal mine in Australia

It is important to connect the dots to take the right stance on Adani’s coal mine.

In 2014, India has seen the costliest election campaign in its history. India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi used Adani’s chartered flights for his campaign.

Modi boarding Adani's flight. Know how Modi, Australia and Adani's coal mine link together.
Modi, Australia and Adani’s coal mine

Many political parties in India do not reveal their source of funding and they do not come under Right to Information act. Meaning, there is no way to know what their source of funding is.

Adani’s wealth tripled from 1.9 billion to 6 billion in just 8 months after Modi’s win.

Adani bagged multiple deals with Modi’s support during their visits to different countries.

Modi was part of the meeting between State bank of India and Adani where an MOU(Memorandum of Understanding) was signed for a 1 billion $ loan for Adani’s carmichael mine. This was signed disregarding the fact that the company’s ability to service its debt is doubtful. The group then had a debt of more than Rs 65,000 crore.

Modi met Queensland premier Campbell Newman in Brisbane, which lead to a commitment from the Queensland state government to take short-term, minority stakes in Adani Group’s rail and port infrastructure projects.

Adani's coal mine
Modi watching Australian Prime Minister shaking hands on Adani’s coal mine

When Modi was campaigning for India’s Prime Ministerial candidate, around the same time India has seen one of the biggest anti corruption movements. During the elections Modi promised to bring back black money stashed in Swiss banks within 100 days of coming into power. Nothing happened so far.

One of the key points in Modi’s agenda during his election campaign was to eliminate corruption if he came to power.

After he won the elections, Modi kept his promise in forming a Special Investigation Team(SIT) to dig into corruption scandals. When SIT investigated, ironically, the biggest scandal they found was, Gautam Adani’s. One of the Modi’s closest associates with fraud charges of 5000 crore rupees due to illegal hike in coal prices to avoid tax.

Modi, Adani and Black Money. Where’s the Investigation Going?

What happened to the SIT after that was not a surprise –
One of the officer’s heading the case in Ahmedabad was raided by CBI accusing him of owning disproportionate assets. Failing to prove anything at all, despite months of investigation. 2 senior officials were forced out of the agency.

In 2013 – Sunita Narain (Director General of the center for science and environment) found incontrovertible evidence of Environmental clearance(EC) damages at Adani’s mine. In her report she requested cancellation of EC for North port of Adani’s Mundra project and setting up Environmental relief fund(ERF) of 200 crore rupees to remediate the environmental damages incurred.

Later, in 2015 the new secretary completely rules out ERF and extends EC till 2019

Adani’s company in India is accused of inflating coal prices to avoid tax,
intense lobbying, illegally mining of iron ore, broke export rules, tax laws, willful violations, multiple shell companies, bribing, environment breaches, destroying 75 hectares Mangroves and clearly violated environmental clearance conditions.

Despite having such heinous background, why would our Prime Minster give such intense support to Adani which is eventually going to impact common man of India?

We should not ignore the evidence suggesting the association between political parties and businesses. Their relationship is symbiotic. These both want to mutually benefit each other. The motivations are clearly evident how much ever you try to ignore it.

The whole Adani’s coal mine project in Australia seems to be built up on lies and contradictions.

  • False claim of 10,000 jobs
  • Indian underdeveloped community uplift.

Both these claims are false. The predicted jobs are around 1400. The Indian underdeveloped community is far from basic necessities like food, health and shelter. It is beyond their reach to afford the electricity that is produced by coal from Adani’s coal mine in Australia. These are similar lies that are being flooded on us before and after Modi’s win.

The common man’s basic needs are used as a mantra to lure people to believe them. There are many reasons to believe that the desperation to build the Adani’s coal mine in Australia is to save himself from bankruptcy due to huge amounts of debts. Modi seems to be willing to go to any lengths to save his dear friend.

What is happening in India in terms of growth and development also corroborate to there facts above.

With globalization, politics in one country is hugely impacting decisions in other countries too. Indians and Australians should come together to stop these horrible decisions and selfish acts by politicians and send a strong message across to not only both these countries but also the world.


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