Mission Modi-fied

“Mr. Prime Minister, there is an urgent call for you”, said the Cabinet Secretary as the PM was plotting his next destination on the globe.

“I want to visit Canada in June 2018”, replied the PM

“Canada, your excellency, under the Prime Ministership of Justin Trudeau will be hosting the G7 Annual Summit at that time”, replied the Cabinet Secretary

“Perfect. Make arrangements for me to travel to Canada to attend the G7 Annual Summit”, ordered the PM in a commanding tone.

“But Mr. PM…..”

“Hold on…Justin Trudeau may give me a lecture on quantum computing. Wait, I have a solution. Ask my scientific advisor CM Yogi to join me on that trip as well” said the PM proudly, marveling at his own brain that works faster than even a quantum computer.

“There is a slight problem Mr. PM”

“What? Am I double booked?”

“Well, actually the Canadian PM is already booked”

“Are you his Cabinet Secretary or mine?” the PM was exasperated

“Of Course, it’s my honour to be your Cabinet Secretary, your excellency, but you see Mr. Trudeau is the host of the Group of 7 at the time, so visiting Canada at the same time may not be the best move for you”

“Hmm….so he is double booked. He is hosting both G7 and the Group of 7 at the same time” said the PM thoughtfully, “anyway, tell him I’m coming. Justin is my old chum. He will be excited at the prospect of discussing quantum computing with Yogi and Me” said the self-congratulatory PM

“Sure Mr. PM. What will be the purpose of the visit?” said the secretary crushing his extreme urge to correct the PM

“To attend the G7, you fool!!” his quantum computing brain was losing patience now.

“Of Course Mr. PM, however, there is a small hindrance. You see India is actually not a member of the Group of 7”

“What’s your twitter handle mitr?” asked a peacefully smiling PM

“Oh, you want to follow me sir? It will be an honour. My twitter handle is…”

“Of course not my friend. You deserve a real honour. I’ll make you a household name throughout the country. I’ll pass it on to my old friend Dadhich!!” the PM showed who the boss is.

“With the greatest respect sir, we are neither a part of the Group of 7, nor G7. Both are actually the same thing” mumbled the secretary, clearly shaken by the prospect of Dadhich honouring him.

“You liberal intellectuals don’t learn your lessons, do you? I’ll go to make India a member of the G7. Yogi and I will do their Ghar-Wapasi and rename the group Gandharva 8, or G8 for short! Can you imagine the press coverage I’ll receive! ‘PM extends the Akhand Bharat to G8 and renames it Gandharva 8’, will be the headlines.” PM could hardly control his excitement.

“’Pakistan denied entry into the G8’, will be splashed across all news channels” announced Swamy walking into the PM’s office.

“Pakistan denied entry Mr. Swamy?” asked the perplexed secretary

“Did Pakistan get entry?” questioned Swamy

“No sir, but denied? How about our responsibility towards the truth? How about our conscience?” replied the secretary.

“Has Pakistan been accepted?” asked Swamy

“No sir”

“Would they like to be accepted?” asked the PM

“Yes Sir”

“If they want it, but cannot have it, are they denied of it?” the PM continued

“Yes sir”

“Are we telling the truth?”

“Umm….Yes Mr. Prime Minister”

“Is your conscience in order?”

“Yes Mr. Prime Minister” he sighed.

“There you go” smiled Swamy

“Sir, there is another problem. There is no chance of India getting membership into the G7” the secretary interjected Swamy’s smile

“What would you prefer – achieving something or trying to achieve something?” asked Swamy

“Without doubt achieving something sir” replied the secretary wondering if it was a trick question

“What’s the first step to achieving something?” asked the PM

“Sir making an effort……umm….trying” replied the secretary

“What are we doing?” asked Swamy

“Sir trying, but with no chance for success, unfortunately”

“Can you fault us for trying?” Swamy laughed

“No sir”

“There you go again” replied the PM

“Ethics in order?” questioned PM with a wry smile

“Yes Prime Minister” he gave up

“Go Swamy, call Arnab” directed the PM,

”by the way what was that urgent call you came to see me about?” PM asked the secretary

“Sir the border forces informed that China just built a road in Doklam”, replied the secretary

“Another opportunity, make arrangements for me to fly to Doklam and make sure I have access to an open top jeep for me to stand.” Instructed the PM

“Isn’t it a politically dangerous situation for the country Mr. Prime Minister?”

“Leave politics to me and story-telling to the news channels” said the PM in a commanding tone

“And the governance Mr. PM?” asked the secretary hesitatingly

“Place a phone call for me to Mr. Ambani and turn the news on” replied the PM dismissing the secretary


Arnab on the TV: ‘Good Evening we have exclusive breaking news that Pakistan has been refused membership to the exclusive G7 while India is on the verge of joining as a full member, more details from top sources in the Government to follow after this short commercial break”

#G7SnubsPakistan read the ticker.