Your ideology is destroying our country!


You may wonder, which ideology I am talking about here?

Note: I request the reader to clear their minds before going through this article. For few minutes, just try to unlearn everything that you have been taught since your childhood. I am just presenting a different perspective. It is not about right or wrong. Just read it and think about it.

ideology in a pale blue dot
Pale blue dot


NASA’s Voyager took this picture of earth from a distance of 4 billion miles, famously known as ‘Pale Blue Dot’. I insist you, read this amazing speech by Astronomer Carl Sagan on it. It shows how Earth is just a pixel in this universe. Look at the above picture and you will realize how minute we are. The universe doesn’t even care about our existence. And though our actions and existence are insignificant from the Universe’s point of view, they have their own significance in the context of this ‘Pale Blue Dot’. Being the most intelligent species on earth it is our duty to take care of this planet and to create a sustainable and humane world. A world which is driven by logic and rationale. We, instead, embraced a world full of ideologies.

Leave the world aside, we have different ideologies in our country. Ideologies are driving our society. Do we even realize the impact of these ideologies? for example, in every newsroom debate, we witness panelists blaming and taming each other’s ideology. Most of them don’t have logic to support their claim. They just refer texts which were written a long time ago or the words of their ancestors. We failed to realize that these teachings come from humans like us. Our ancestors might have been wrong and even if they were right, there is a great chance that their principles/teachings might be irrelevant in present situation. Same goes with ancient texts, they were written by humans and might be irrelevant in the present scenario. So, why not apply logic instead of ideologies?

I believe ideologies are the reason for our conflicts. A person possessed by certain ideology can go to any extent to defend his ideology irrespective of the logical explanation. They already have an answer, they are just creating a proper explanation to support their answer. American president Bill Clinton, during an interview, shared his thoughts on ideology “The problem with an ideology is that it gives the answer before you look at the evidence. So you have to mold the evidence to get the answer that you have already decided”. We just want to defend our beliefs and ideological principles. Ideology suppress our free thinking, it won’t allow us to think rationally. Our scope of thinking is narrowed down by ideologies. Those who are possessed by ideologies don’t have a conscience left to question themselves.

There might be a community or a group or a political party whose ideology suits the current situation but there is a huge possibility that their ideology will be outdated in near future. When such time comes you don’t have the free will or courage to question that ideology because those ideologies brainwashed you. Ideologies are static while logic is dynamic. Our logic is based on current situation while Ideologies are fixed set of rules.

Just Like ideology, our constitution is consist of a set of rules and principles. But our constitution is continuously updating with time and changing society. So, why do we stuck with those static ideologies don’t you think that our ideologies should be updated? Well, updated ideology is also logical. When I say ideologies, I mean static set of rules, don’t get confused with the word.
 It is difficult for us to question our own ideology which was taught to us since our childhood. Our ideologies were decided even before our birth. We feel uncomfortable or offended if someone questions it. In this race of ideologies we have lost our humanity, let’s leave those ideologies and claim our humanity again.I personally believe that without ideology, the world will be a better place or at least when we prioritize logic instead of ideology in our thought process and decision making.It’s time we realize that this ‘Pale Blue Dot’ is suffering because of our arrogance.
 “An idea is something you have; an ideology is something that has you”– Morris Berman