The Dhruv Rathee Show Begins

This the first episode of the regular youtube news show I promised. The Dhruv Rathee Show will present you all the important news that is buried by the mainstream media ever fortnight. In this episode,

  1.  The New currency notes of 200, 50 rupees have Less Security Features than previous ones making them vulnerable to faking more easily
  2.  Anna hazare warns PM Modi over another agitation on Lokpal bill
  3. India is facing Worst Inquality since 122 years  , since the British Raj
  4. Fake Currency found in Gujarat , gujarat accounts for majority of fake currency
  5. India almost sees 4 Railway Accidents in one day , breaks record for train derailment.
  6. In UP, Children forced to celebrate Modi’s birthday by being called to school on a sunday.
  7. India pushes hard for electric cars
  8. In a historic decision, Indian army gives positions to women for the first time in military police.