Aadhar card Exposed


A) What kind of technology is Aadhar? Aadhar collects the demographic as well as biometric data of whoever who has it.  Section 33 of the Aadhaar Act ensures that under the guise of “national security”, the government can access any information without providing any explanation to anyone. It does not define what is “national security” so …

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Lower tax is better for economy! This state in India has already proved it


To tax or not to tax are the eternal questions before any government and to-pay-or-not-pay is the eternal difficult choice before the people. Historically taxation has been the cause of much strain between governments and its citizens. It also is one of the main causes of black money and corruption. What is the solution? Can …

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Demonetization: An Overview of India's Biggest Scam


On the night of 8th November, all 500, 1000 notes were demonetised. This Demonetization shook the nation overnight. Our Prime Minister said all black money kept in cash would become useless, black money hoarders would now have to burn away their stashes or throw them in the river. Like any other common Indian, I thought …

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Mission Modi-fied

“Mr. Prime Minister, there is an urgent call for you”, said the Cabinet Secretary as the PM was plotting his next destination on the globe. “I want to visit Canada in June 2018”, replied the PM “Canada, your excellency, under the Prime Ministership of Justin Trudeau will be hosting the G7 Annual Summit at that …

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Reality of Petrol Price Rise

In this video, I talk about why the petrol price have risen this record high. Important thing to note here is the change in crude oil prices which has happened in the past few years. In 2012/2013, it had risen very high to $109 per barrel but came down in the last three years since …

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