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Devendera Singh Sisodiya

Your ideology is destroying our country!

You may wonder, which ideology I am talking about here? Note: I request the reader to clear their minds before going through this article. For few minutes, just try to unlearn everything that you have been taught since your childhood. I am just presenting a different perspective. It is not about right or wrong. Just read

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Demonetization: An Overview of India's Biggest Scam

On the night of 8th November, all 500, 1000 notes were demonetised. This Demonetization shook the nation overnight. Our Prime Minister said all black money kept in cash would become useless, black money hoarders would now have to burn away their stashes or throw them in the river. Like any other common Indian, I thought

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Niranjan Rao

Swaraj and how to judge our politicians

In a lot of my conversations with friends, I find not only a great deal of recognition of India’s problems, but also the desire to solve them. From swaraj to hunger to social strife to infrastructure to agriculture, different conversations centre around different problems, depending on the passions of the person I’m talking to. But

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You will smoke 2000 Cigarettes this Diwali by bursting crackers!

This title is no exaggeration. Forget multiple crackers , Just one firecracker, one phooljhadi generates as much smoke as 74 cigarettes if you stand within one feet from it. This has been concluded by a 2016  study by Chest Research Foundation in Pune. It analyzed six different crackers– the snake , a 1000 cracker ladi,  phuljhadi,  pul-pul

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Rohit Nigam

4 standard arguments of Bhakts to defend Modiji

It is said that talking to Bhakts is like talking to a wall, all arguments and responses that BJP supporters aka Bhakts use can summaryied into 4 standard sets for any shortcomings that get highlighted in the Modi government’s administration. 1. The most common one is that the “Country has been left in such a

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Harika Mamidi

Connection between Modi and Adani's coal mine in Australia

It is important to connect the dots to take the right stance on Adani’s coal mine. In 2014, India has seen the costliest election campaign in its history. India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi used Adani’s chartered flights for his campaign. Many political parties in India do not reveal their source of funding and they

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