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Modi India 2017

2017 Rewind: The Year Modi pushed India towards Regression

Three years ago, Modi won the elections promising wonders for India. Economy would be shining, people would have crores of jobs, Ganga would be clean, criminals and corrupts will be in jail and black money will be back. These were far fetched dreams but every voter at least hoped that there would be some work

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Sushrut Mane

Aadhar card Exposed

A) What kind of technology is Aadhar? Aadhar collects the demographic as well as biometric data of whoever who has it.  Section 33 of the Aadhaar Act ensures that under the guise of “national security”, the government can access any information without providing any explanation to anyone. It does not define what is “national security” so

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Republic TV
Indian Media
Fake Trend Hunter

Republic TV is lying every night – here's the proof

Republic TV Republic TV, the self appointed high decibel self righteous custodian of patriotism is blatantly lying every single night? Republic’s prime time “debate”(!) starring Arnab Goswami, prominently features a twitter hashtag along with a live count of the number of tweets. Republic promotes upcoming hashtags from as early as 3 PM onwards. Obviously, their

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