7 Reasons why every Indian should boycott Arnab Goswami

Arnab Goswami is self-proclaimed most ‘nationalist’ journalist ever born in India. His TV news channel is also a self-proclaimed independent “only” independent new venture. The reality is far from that, here are 7 reasons why every truly nationalist Indian should boycott him and his Republic TV

    1. He tries to create outrages over every issue that he likes. This will mean conveniently ignoring any topic which is against the people funding him. Every time a controversy happens against the ruling party, he would need to switch to other issues to bury that topic. What ends up happening is that stuff like Hrithik – Kangana gets more importance than Amit Shah’s controversy.
    2. Arnab Goswami misses many, rather most real issues which actually affect our everyday lives. Forget about any controversy of ruling party for a second. The problem for common Indians is that he also ignores most topics of general importance like petrol price rise, demonetisation, GDP falling, economy falling, Aadhar privacy etc.

  1. People shout when others refuse to hear them. Shouting must be the last resort, not the first one, as is the case in his panel debates.
  2. Arnab has the volume control of every panelist. He uses that to ensure which panelist can be heard easily by the viewer and which panelist cannot be heard, no matter how much he shouts.
  3. Because of the “Shout As Loud as You Can” format of the show, logic takes a back seat, objectivity takes a back seat, even the beauty of the language takes a back seat. A lot can be said using few beautiful words. I have seen Ravish doing that. His soft words hit hard!
  4. His open bias makes it intolerable to consider his news channel serious journalism. What can be a bigger irony, calling themselves the most independent news venture but still being funded by a present member of parliament. This video by Dhruv rathee does a good job of exposing his bias.
  5. He tries to make you tense, and once you are over it, and his words stop affecting you, all you hear is noise from a fish market. You find Discovery Channel heavenly!

There are more sane, civil ways to indulge in a discussion and debate. And when Ravish started his debates in NDTV Hindi, that was the end of Arnab’s TV Colloseum for critical thinkers and news watchers like me.