4 standard arguments of Bhakts to defend Modiji


It is said that talking to Bhakts is like talking to a wall, all arguments and responses that BJP supporters aka Bhakts use can summaryied into 4 standard sets for any shortcomings that get highlighted in the Modi government’s administration.

1. The most common one is that the “Country has been left in such a huge mess by the utter mismanagement and corruption and misadministration of the Congress governments in the last 67 (yes 67, nothing less than that) years that it will take at least a decade to fix issues”. Of course they just discount that the average GDP growth since 1990-2014 with the old formula was better than the average GDP growth of 2014-2017. And yeah, IITs, NITs, BARC, ISRO, etc. all dropped from a planet of the Alpha Centauri solar system.

2. The second response is that Indians are to be blamed for it. The Swacch Bharat movement started by Modi was one of the most brilliant steps that he ever took. Not only did he hand the accountability back to the citizens, he also raised about Rs 1000 Crore every financial year for cleaning the country. But there were no measures taken to make the municipalities or the state governments more accountable. Of course, he is not accountable for anything that’s wrong in India, as per these Bhakts and BJP supporters.

Talking to Bhakt be like

3. The third response is to just pooh-pooh the claims. You see, things are not as bad as the ‘Presstitutes’ are claiming it to be! Demonetization killed no one. There are no job losses. The industries are working super fine. Kashmiris are now loving Indians more. Nepal is not moving towards China. India is not the most corrupt nation in Asia. Saas Bahu serials are the UNESCO certified best in the world. Anti-national JNU students are to be blamed for all the problems in the country. And so on.

4. The final one is, the news is actually a good thing! CBI not being given more autonomy is actually a good thing as it would be against democratic structures of India. India not having a Lokpal is actually a good thing because PM should be supreme. Corruption being legalized due to Finance Bill is good for the countryi. Whistle Blower laws being diluted is actually a good thing because they interfere in the governance. Destruction of RTI is actually a good thing because it slows down bureaucracy!

That’s why we say, You can awaken a sleeping person, but not someone who is pretending to be asleep…