2017 Rewind: The Year Modi pushed India towards Regression

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Three years ago, Modi won the elections promising wonders for India. Economy would be shining, people would have crores of jobs, Ganga would be clean, criminals and corrupts will be in jail and black money will be back. These were far fetched dreams but every voter at least hoped that there would be some work happening in the right direction, for the progress of our country.

2017 was only the third year of Modi’s rule and not only do these wonder promises have been burnt to ashes, but they have been publicly mocked and shamed over and over again. And India has taken a big step backward towards regression.

Ganga cleaning barely even started, but the Ganga river became dirtier than it ever was. Economy had just started recovering and the Masterstroke of Demonetization crashed it down, causing lakhs of job losses and monetary losses to the country in the magnitude of lakhs of crores of rupees.

The war against corruption was mentioned often in speeches but 2017 was the year when corruption was legalized, at least for political parties. The finance bill passed in March removed the upper limit on political party donation from companies. Foreign funding of parties was legalized, while around the same time, foreign funding of NGOs was blocked. Desperate attempts were made to make the funding more opaque. Who will catch the corrupts, when they’ll all be hidden under legal protection?

This year’s Christmas bought even worse news. The overtly publicized 2G Scam, either didn’t happen or the guilty found their way to escape. Many accusing the judiciary and many more accusing Modi himself for striking a deal with the corrupts for votes. Till now, not a single corrupt politician went to jail under Modi. Corruption whistleblowers and RTI activists also got a huge backstab as respective laws were changed to make life difficult for them.

Law and order took a disastrous turn this year. A wrong number baba turned politician with multiple criminal cases on himself was given the charge for the most populated state in India. Cow related violence broke all records, with 2017 being the deadliest year with over 152 victims across the country. Lynchings, mob violence, riots saw a similar growth in many Modi ruled states. Be it mob violently protesting for another wrong number Baba in Haryana or some government supported people holding movie actors ransom over Padmavati release. These were not isolated incidents, they were a mark of growing intolerance and jobless religious bigots getting offended. Similar violent riots and deaths threats happened over ‘Tiger Zinda hai’ and ‘Games of Ayodhya’ movies by right wing groups. Muslims were only the beginning, as Christians and Christmas became their next target this year. Modi may not be directly behind all these incidents but he is pretty much Cersei, the Game of Thrones character who funded and appeased to the faith militant for her benefit, which later terribly backfired on her and Kings Landing.

Fake news, propaganda and trolling were the social media highlight of the year. The fake news epidemic reached deadly heights in 2017, when in Jharkhand, several people were lynched based on a Whats app rumor. Later this year, a man was burned alive for revenge of Love Jihad, another phenomena which is more prevalent in what’s app messages than in real life. BJP IT Cell and right wing pages have been the torchbearers of fake news here, constantly promoting cold blooded murder videos from Mexico and Brazil as Muslims killing Hindus in India. Online trolling and abusing also crossed all limits of craziness when the world came to know that the Indian Prime minister follows many of such trolls and abusers on twitter. The same trolls which mocked the murder of a top journalist, Gauri Lankesh this year. Talking of trolls, India got its very own North Korean TV Channel in the form of Republic TV. Openly funded by a BJP MP, the channel danced on tunes of Modi government to help spread its propaganda, many a times shamelessly using fake news.

Modi personally, maintained his record for being the least accountable PM, never attending a single press conference but giving over 775 one way speeches (not including all the man ki baats) and 2 scripted interviews.

It would be hard for anyone to continue ruling India with this extent of failures, backstabs and U-turns. It would be disaster for Modi the day the people come to know about his ultimate efforts to protect the corrupts and criminals. The only way he can survive would be by placing more faith on the faith militant to brainwash the poor jobless people, fill up their hungry stomachs with communal hatred, who would then vote for their messiah to fight the imaginary anti-nationals. I predict 2018 will see more funding been diverted to propaganda channels, expect more fake news, more statues, more renaming and more appeasement of septons and the faith militant. Expect corruption and criminals to magically disappear in 2018, because Modi has already legalized corruption and promoted the criminals to highest of posts. And of course, expect cleaner and developed India in newspapers and your mobile screen.

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